About me

Founded in 2010, Supply Advantage is based in Sydney, NSW and offers solutions with the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) space, with experience  in Logistics, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Warehousing, Distribution and Customer Service. Although we work on improving the tactical and strategic outcomes for you, we can also build on the relationships you have with suppliers and customers to enhance mutual value and improve the synergy.


The goal is to help you improve your 3PL processes as your supply chain does not and cannot work in a silo.  With your supply chain in sync with other functions, it is a value-add, rather than “the problem”.  By ensuring your supply chain is not a bottle neck or weak link in your business you can focus on the areas of the business that generate revenue and profit.  For example, by having the right stock available for sale, at the right time and shipping the orders to customers correctly and quickly, your sales team are happier, complaints are less, and there is no excuse for customers not to pay, encouraging MORE sales.

I work with the available resources; supply chain problems often don’t go away by throwing technology at them. Although we are able source for you the right technology/equipment – I first try to find a solution using resources you already have.

I can implement solutions that you control and adjust as your business grows. A solution that forever binds your business to external consultants and service providers, who are needed for maintenance or enhancement, is not a solution.


My work is always in alignment with your aims and goals. I also help clients understand the process and how I go about addressing the issue as this may help in stopping similar issues appearing in future.

I take all attempts to ensure the ‘fixes’ are flexible and scalable.  This approach ensures the process and policy changes suit the current state and direction you are taking at any particular time, whether this be growth or contraction and in different economic climates and under different regulatory regimes (as much as possible).

Some examples of measurable successes:

Order fulfilment

  • 15% reduction in order entry error rate
  • DIFOT improvement from 48.6% to 85%
  • DIFOT improvement from 82%  to  >97%


  • 7% inventory reduction
  • 13% inventory reduction
  • Inventory accuracy improved from 60% to 90%

 Customer service/relationship management

  • Skills and capabilities analysis: 66% increase in service output – order lines

 Supplier/Distribution management

  • Review of communication structure resulting in savings of $200-300/mth
  • Transportation costs reduced 15%
  • Transportation costs reduced 9%

 Warehouse management

  • Improved storage and handling process: $16,603/mth 3PL cost reduction
  • Improved space utilisation: 38%
  • Improved space utilisation: 15%

 Larger Projects

  • Managed design and fit-out of up-graded 12 seat Customer Service Centre with conference room and facilities
  • Company relocations (x2)
  • Warehouse relocations (x multiple)