Supply Chain

The supply chain is a major economic lever at the heart of planning the company’s resources, both in terms of customer service, optimisation of cash flow and cost control.

Volatile global market conditions and variability of customer demand require optimal supply chain configurations to synchronise supply and demand. Better supply chain performance won’t just allow companies to tackle these issues today but will also provide significant strategic benefits.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and Distributors face many and sometimes unique supply chain requirements. The way a company responds to these requirements and their particular supply chain risks can ultimately determines their success.

There are five critical success factors for optimum supply chains:

  1. A clear strategy: for the entire supply chain, tuned to market opportunities and focussed on customer service needs.
  2. An integrated organisation structure: enabling the whole supply chain to operate as a synchronised entity (no silos).
  3. Excellent processes: for implementing the strategy, embracing all plan-source-make-deliver operations.
  4. Reliable information: utilising integrated technology to support effective supply chain planning, execution and decision-making.
  5. Effective performance management: of all supply chain operations to achieve top-line revenue growth, optimum asset utilisation and bottom-line profitability.