Impostor Syndrome – are you one of the 70% afflicted?

Do you have “Impostor Syndrome” – up to 70% of people have had it at least once during their lifetime. For some, its constant.

Are you a perfectionist, do you work extra hard to achieve something, do you think you should know far more than you do, do you have to do it “by yourself”, do you need to “get it right” the first time, every-time?

These are signs you may have Impostor Syndrome. If you do, it is this that is making you doubt the things you do and may be holding you back from performing your best or doing the role you should be doing. You would be in the company of Michelle Obama (First Lady), Albert Einstein (Scientist), David Tenant (Dr Who).

And if you don’t have it, have you seen it in others? your siblings, your employees, maybe your boss, or even a friend of a friend 🙂
Knowing this will not solve it, but it will help you ask the right questions.

Take the (NSA) test to check, YOU have nothing to lose but maybe, everything to gain:

This link takes you to the 5 different manifestations of Impostor Syndrome: