Are you a Supply Chain Leader that companies are looking for?

Today the “Supply Chain” is in a quandary. On the one hand it can be argued that it is ‘coming-of-age’, and seen as a profession, with MBAs and PHDs in Supply Chain being offered by universities and even a chair in the C-Suite. But… on the other hand, we are being inundated with articles, blogs and white papers on trends pointing to the growing scarcity of Supply Chain Leaders.

In this issue I take a close look at the decline in Supply Chain Leader numbers and identifies the growing list of what a Supply Chain Leader must have, and must deliver according to global trends.

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Embrace the Change or be Penalised Fatal Collapse for Some, Opportunities for Others

Recently Rob O’Byrne from the Australian Logistics Bureau published a short article about supply chain trends that could, “… truly shake you up” and even precipitate a fatal collapse.

However, there is one trend overlooked by O’Byrne. It is this one trend that, when used in conjunction with the singularly most important supply chain resource of today, has the potential to revolutionise all aspects of supply chain more than software and the various process models combined.

Mark Oldfield, Partner with Camden Partners and head of the Supply Chain Practice takes a critical look at some of O’Bryne’s trends. Oldfield reveals the one trend that must be embraced and defines the supply chain leader of tomorrow.

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