Are you a Supply Chain Leader that companies are looking for?

Today the “Supply Chain” is in a quandary. On the one hand it can be argued that it is ‘coming-of-age’, and seen as a profession, with MBAs and PHDs in Supply Chain being offered by universities and even a chair in the C-Suite. But… on the other hand, we are being inundated with articles, blogs and white papers on trends pointing to the growing scarcity of Supply Chain Leaders.

In this issue I take a close look at the decline in Supply Chain Leader numbers and identifies the growing list of what a Supply Chain Leader must have, and must deliver according to global trends.

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Can you help with a Business Model?

After being around different systems, process, models, process tools, etc, etc   I wanted to try and see if I could design a model that would illustrate how it all fits together.

I have done a draft in Powerpoint,  this gives a good starting point  but I would love to get some feedback or other input – I will probably need to change from Powerpoint to another, more appropriate media soon.   The model is based around retail/distribution with a small amount of production.


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