The Beauty, the Wonder and the Awe of the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is a wonderful thing; it sits behind the efforts of all companies from the smallest to the largest and attempts to make the company look great in the eyes of the customer.

It is unassuming and often considered just a ‘cost’ of doing service. Yet, without a good supply chain the whole purpose of a company can fall apart or it may just be pushed to the wayside, not by its competitors as many assume and suggest but by its customers!

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Can you help with a Business Model?

After being around different systems, process, models, process tools, etc, etc   I wanted to try and see if I could design a model that would illustrate how it all fits together.

I have done a draft in Powerpoint,  this gives a good starting point  but I would love to get some feedback or other input – I will probably need to change from Powerpoint to another, more appropriate media soon.   The model is based around retail/distribution with a small amount of production.


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